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PSLRA All-Around Award
By earning a titles in multiple venues, these dogs have proven they are deserving of the PSLRA All-Around Award.

To Qualify a Dog must have earned the following three items:

1. AKC, CKC, International or other conformation championship
2. AKC, CKC or other Obedience or Rally or Tracking or Agility Title

3. AKC or CKC Hunt Test Title or JAM at a licensed field trial or Working Certificate

All-Around Award Winners 1983-2014

The award has been a foundation of our club and has been offered to qualifying dogs since 1983. Pretty amazing list isn't it? And many of these dogs, breeders, and competitors are also PSLRA Versatility awardees as well!

Int CH Aldebarans Ain't Misbehavin JH RN CA WC
Int CH Aldebarans Pipin Hot JH RN CA CGC
Int CH Aldebarans Smooth Operator JH RN CA WC CGC
Can CH Blu Top Hoity-Toity CD WC
Can CH Caorunn's Decurion CDX RAE WC
GCH Double Dutch Winterglen Dark Indulgence RA CD JH
GCH Am/Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH RN CGC DPP
Int CH Lejie Lilac Thyme Mardas CA RN WC
Int CH Mardas Absolute Royalty JH RN CGC WC
CH Mar-Moye Low Country Gullah RN JH CD WC
GCH Quail Run's Long Drink of Silence RN JH WC
GCH & Can CH Harbortop Mycroft Holmes of GBK WD WC
CH Ms T’s How Love Moves RN WC
GCH & Can CH ReiMur’s Juz Fulla Myself MH CD RN Can JH WCI
Intl CH WindyCanyon’s Roxbury Russet RA JH CD CC
Intl CH WindyCanyon’s SweeTango RA JH CC
Int CH Harbortop Finally NAP NAJP RN
Can CH Janlon’s Bears Repeating RN WC
CH Quail Run’s Kindred Spirit RN BN JH CGC WC
Am/Can CH Westriver Vino of Veritas RN WC
Int CH WindyCanyon’s Envy CDX RA JH
Int CH WindyCanyon’s Kiku A Fuji Too CDX RA JH
GRCH and Can CH Artesian’s Water Bug JH RN WC CGC
Int CH B-Mor Rise N Shine RE JH CD WC CGC
CH Fawnhaven Celtic Woman O’Reimur RN JH WC
Can CH Fawnhaven Tribute to Sharay SH RN
Can CH Mainland Catch Me A Sailor JH RN WC CGC
CH Reimur Tidesin At Mustardseed JH RN WC
Am/Can CH Cimarron's Star Talk RN WC CGC
Intl CH Fawnhaven's Chantilly of Guns Up Am/Can JH RN
Intl CH Interlochen's High Ho Silver MH Can MH RN
Can CH Koa's Top Gun CH WC CGC
CH Nipntuck Jumpstart JH RN WC
Am/Can CH Sharays Lady Daisy Delight OAJ OA OAP OAJP RE Pet Partner, CGC WC
Int CH ShaRay's With Honor and Joy RN NJP WC
Int CH Fawnhaven Molly Malone RN WC
Am/Can CH Ghoststone's Boomtown JH RN
Can CH Harbortop Kiwi RN Am/Can JH
Int CH Interlochen Clovercreek Comet JH RN
Can CH Rocking M Go For the Gusto KC RA CD JH
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Northern Spy CDX RA JH OA NAJ CC
Intl CH windyCanyon Patent Nfringement CD RA JH
Can CH Wyndrush Gimmebakto Cheshire RN WC
Am Can CH ShaRay Clearly Artesian JH RN CD WC
Int CH Mountainstar Ice Storm CD JH
Int CH Mtn Star Rolling Thunder JH RA Pet Partner
Can CH Huntson Reign of Mustardseed JH RN
Int CH Hyspires Great Scot JH RN
Int CH Ranmar Benny And The Jets JH CD
Am Can CH ShaRays Jeremiah CD WC
Can CH Timberline Victoria WC RN
Int CH Windycanyons Cosmopolitan Lad CD RA JH
Int CH Windycanyons Fulla Jazz CD RN JH CC
Int CH Windycanyons Sweetest Fuji CD RN JH CC
CH Bakerbay Baba Lu JH RN
CH SR Belgairn Pictionary RN JH
Intl CH Daybreak’s Chocolate Splash at Koa CD JH WC CGC
Am Can Intl CH Devonshires Bracken CD JH WC
CH Double Dutch D’Artagnion JH RN NAP
Can CH Fawnhaven Hunter of Snowyriver JH RN
Can CH Fawnhaven’s Double Shot JH RN
Can CH Fawnhaven Indigo Jones RN WC
Can CH Fawnhaven Midnightrocket RN SH
Intl Can CH Fawnhaven Mischief Maker Delphi Am Can CD JH CGC WC
Intl CH Harbortop Lord of the Seas JH RN
Am Can CH Sharay’s Nikolas of Whidbey JH RA CD
CH Springwind’s Aftershock VCD2, TDX JH RN
Am Can CH Timberline Big Ben at Fawnhaven SH RN
Can CH Twigs Fawnhaven Dancyn W Attitude Can CD WCX MH CGN
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Dark Ranger CD RA JH OA AXJ CC
Intl CH Windycanyon’s Flying Tiger CD JH CGC
Intl CH Harbortop Death By Chocolate JH Am/Can CD WC
Int. CH Harbortop Hunts-On Shock and Awe JH CD CGC WC
Intl Can CH HimoontheDukeat Clovercreek CD JH
Can CH Jandor Scarlett Can CD JH WC Am WC
Intl CH Merganser's Hi-Rollin Hudson SH CD CC WC
Am Intl CH MsTs Dusti Winds Over Char-Don CD WC
CH ShaRay’s Ezra JH CD WC
Intl CH Sunnydaze Midnight Challenge CD WC
Intl CH Winroc Pedal To The Metal TDX SH AX MXJ
Int CH Winroc Quintessence JH TD AX AXJ
Intl. CH Koa Maui Da Hawaiian Supaman CD JH CGC WC
Intl CH Koa Kauai Elegance CD JH WC CGC Pet Partner
Intl CH Pinamark Jumpnshipto Duckndogs CD Pet Partner CGC CC WC
CH ShaRay Klasik Dimnd N Th Ruf CD WC
Can CH ShaRays Lord Isaac CD JH WC
Intl CH Sher-Mi Idella Ivy Leaguer NAP NJP WC CC
CH Sterling Brown Bomber CD JH WC
Intl CH Timberline Annie Get Yr Gun JH CD
Int CH Wyntercreek Glory Be CD WC
Intl CH Wyntercreek Ryder at Blu Top CD WC CGC
Am/Can Intl CH Chartwell Crown Jewels NA NAJ Am/Can CD WC
Can CH Fawnhaven Yankee Pedlar CD JH
Can CH U-CD Harbortop Hogo Megan Two CD RE Am/Can JH WC
Intl CH Himoons Powerful Stuff CD JH WC
Can CH Interlochens Storms A Brewin SH, CD
Can CH Blackthorn Touch O’Duckendogs Can CDX Can WC
Int CH Casadelora’s Hercules Am/Can JH Can CD Can WCI, Am WC CGC
Int CH Harbortop Maine Chance JH NA Can WCI
Am Can Intl CH SR MsT Bo-mar Beentheredonethat JH CD TT WCX
Can CH Riversedge Valhalla’s Echo Can CD Am/Can JH Can WC CGC
CH Shamrock Acres Razzle Dazzle CD JH
Am Can CH Skyfire Oughta Be A Law CD JH WC
Am Can CH Springwind Just As Sweet JH OA NAJ CD
Can CH The Flying Fortress Hunts-On CD JH WC CGC TT
CH Blythmoor's Archangel, CDX JH NA
CH Fawnhaven Double Eagle CD JH
Am/Can CH Fawnhaven Hard Act To Follow CD MH
CH Fawnhaven Sonny Boy CD JH
Can CH Harbortop Sashay of LaClare Am Can CD WC
Can CH Innisfield Heir Apparent CD NA JH WC
Am/Can CH Picanninnies Spirit Dance Am Can CD Can JH
Am Intl CH Sharay Abraham of Greenbank TD NA NAJ CD
Can CH MOTCH GMH Ye Olde Chimney Sweep of Twigs WCX Am/Can MH
Can CH Bayviews Ramblin Rose NA NAJ JH Am Can CD Am Can WC CGC
Can CH Cambridge Mya Can CD WC CGC Therapy Dog
Int. CH Cedarwood Delphis Amber Girl CD WC
CH Double D Ready For Trouble CD NA
Can CH Fawnhaven Ishtar Ferncroft CD WC
CH Sterling Limited Edition JH CD
Can CH Tiderip Warrior Princess NA JH WC Can CD
CH Nipntuck Arncha Bold CD JH
Can CH Bayviews Big Splash CD JH WC CGC Pet Partner
Can CH Bayviews Gona Takem By Storm CD WC
Can CH Cedarwood Unforgotten Memory Can CD JH
Int CH Fawnhaven Eagle Over Chardon NA WC
Can CH Grace Under The Big Sky CD SH NA OAP OJP WC
Can CH Harbortop Contessa Am/Can CD Can WC CGC
Can CH Harbortop Falmouth Rose CD JH CGC
Can CH Interlochens Maggies Legacy CD JH CGC
Can CH Twigs Dancing With My Shadow Can CD SH WCX
Can CH Twigs Red Hot Chilli Pepper Can CD JH
Am Can CH Winelight Wish Me Luck CD JH CGC
CH Double Dutch Kinbet Banner CD JH
Can CH Fawnhaven Moxi Macrae Itzawhat NA JH WC CGC
CH Hunt Club Sweet Success CD JH CGC
Am Can CH Interlochens Skye of Chelon CD WC CGC
Can CH Riversedge Magnolia Can CD WC
CH Springwinds Pot O Honey UD TDX JH
Intl CH Winroc Gyrocompass SH OA OAJ TD
Intl CH Winroc Xlt Funnel Cloud TDX SH MAX MXJ
Can CH Borador La Clares Ralley Ann CDX Can CD WC CGC
Am Can CH Chelon's Dusky Knight CD JH WC
Am Can CH Chelon's Scottish Gillie CD JH WC
Am Can CH Chelon's Timeless Tradition CD WC
Can CH SR Jaybrens Sunnydaze Striker JH Am Can CD Am WC
Am Can CH ShaRays Royal Heir CD JH NAJ AX WC CGC
Am Can CH Bayview Chocolate Aristocrat CD WC
Can CH Bayview's Gusta Wind JH CDX Can CD Am/Can WC CC CGC Pet Partner
Can CH Casadelora's Old Spice Am/Can CD Am/Can WC CGC
CH Fawnhaven Kiva Dweller CD JH
Intl CH Harbortop Thumper O'Snoline Am Can CD JH CGC
Can CH Majolyon's Talk of The Town Can CD Am WC
CH Romany's Midsummer Moondance CD JH WC
CH Sharay Wynterwood Odyssey CD JH WC CGC
Am Can CH Sterling's Montana CD JH WC CGC
Am Can CH Toastin's Pinot Gris CDX JH WC CGC
Am Can CH OTCH Aliho's Double Dutch Gold UDX TD JH Can CDX
Can CH Casadelora's CB Savage Am Can CD Can WC
Can CH Casadelora's Dixie Dynamite JH WC CGC Am Can CD Can WCX CGC
Can CH Casadelora Sea Fury Am Can CD Can WC CGC
CH Cedarwood Gunner O'Fawnhaven CD SH WC CGC
Can CH Cedarwoods Pride of Jandor CD Can CDX Can WC
Can CH Fawnhaven First Lite of Dawn CD WC
Can CH McCoy's Heather of Tanglewood CD TT WC
Can CH Bayview's Main Attraction Am Can CDX SH WC CGC
CH Blackthorn Westdale Willow CD WC
CH Boradors Licorice Nips CDX TD JH
Can CH Char-don Mirror Image CD JH Am Can WC
Can CH Nautikaull's Buoy O' Blythmoor CDX JH NA CGC
Am Can CH Quailwood Double D's Ginger CDX TD JH
Am Can Intl CH Rocheby Joseph's Coat CD JH TD WC CGC
Am Can CH ShaRays Emmanuel CD JH WC
Am Can CH ShaRay's Trace of Copper Am Can CD JH WC CGC
Am Can CH Chelon's Irish Mist CD JH WC
Can CH Harbortop Mocha Noire CD JH WC
Can CH Harbortop Rockmeadow Dawn CD WC
Can CH Nautikaull's Black Opal CD WC
Int CH Nautikaull's Channel Marker CD JH WC
CH Romany Fortuneteller CDX WC
Am Can CH ShaRay's Royal Sebastian JH Am Can CD WC CGC
Can CH Tabatha's Aspenlane Brianna CD WC

Am Can CH Cedarwood Squire O'Fawnhaven CD JH WC CGC
CH Chelon's Sassy Chassis CD WC
Am Can CH Davoeg's Irish Gold WC Can CD
Am CH Can OTCH Northfield's Double Dutch UDTX JH
Can CH Sunnydaze English Leather CD JH WC CGC
CH Valleyview Chelon's Mr. Levi CD WC
CH Westdale Stetson CD JH


Am Can CH ShaRay's Golden Gabriel Am Can CD WC
Am Can CH Cedarwood Aspenlane Summer CD WC
Can CH Cedarwood Grady Ole Duck Am Can CD WC
CH Jeremiah Jake VI CD WC
CH Somersett Old Black Magic CD WC
Am Can CH Wine Valley Cellar Master CD WC
CH Wyntercreek Skykomish Minx CD WC
Am Can CH Ashley's Naughty Briquette CD WC
CH Blackthorn Westdale Sabre CD JH WC
Can CH Blackthorn Totem's Checkmate Am Can CD WC
Can CH Britannia Irish Rebel Can CD WC
Can CH Cedarwood Knight To Remember CD WC
CH Chelon's Sleepless Knight CD WC
Am Can CH Governor Woody's Best Am Can CD WC
Am Can CH Jolly Captain Gibson JH Am Can CD WC
CH Somersett Silent Knight CD WC
Can CH Cab OTCH Unsinkable Muddy Magnolia UDJH Can CD WCX
CH Winelight's Bit of Arrogance CD WC
Am Can CH Wyntercreek Royal Velvet JH Am Can CDX WC
Am Can CH Casadelora's Easy Rider CD JH WC
CH Valleywood's Romany Riannon CD WC
Can CH Chucklebrook Crusader CD WC
CH Somersett Troublesome Minx CD WC
Can CH Killingworth Long Thunder CDX WC
Can CH Normandy Angelica of Ramblin CD WC
CH MHR Romany Sun Jester CD MH WCA
CH Ghillie's Romany Vamp CD WC
Am Can CH Can OTCH No-ble Tahmanaw Tonka UD WC
Am Can CH Shamrock Acres Gold Dust CDX WC
Am Can CH Casadelora's Allspice CD WC
Am Can CH Elyod's Magic Muffin CD WC
CH Ramblin Chateau Margaux CDX TD JH WCA
Am Can CH Shamrock Acres Brittania CD TD WC




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