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What is Agility?

Our club hosts two AKC licensed agility trials for all breeds annually. Agility is an exciting, fast paced sport used to demonstrate a dog's wilingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. Agility is a timed competiton with various ability levels and different types of obstacle courses. Most of all Agility is FUN!

"Agility is a sport that appeals to all dog lovers - from young people to senior citizens. It has great spectator appeal. Agility is designed to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. It is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dog and handlers negotiate an obstacle course racing against the clock..." The above text is an excerpt from the AKC Agility Description, full text HERE

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Getting Started:

Need to build some bar jumps? Click HERE for our beginner Agility Jump Plans (.pdf)

Examples of Labradors completing some common obstacles below

Leaving contact for next obsticle
The Teeter-Totter 2

Dog completing contact looking towards the next obstacle

Dog completing the teeter-totter. The yellow areas are called "Contacts" and the dog must touch each contact on it's way across the obsticle.

Weave Poles
Final Jump

Dog working through weave-poles

Dog completeing the final jump with electronic timer gates. Agility is a timed event.

Tire Jump 2

Dog completing the tunnel

Dog jumping through the tire jump


Dog finishing the chute obstacle.

Dog demonstrating the A-Frame obstacle, this is one of the elevated obstacles.

The Labrador Breed Standard
The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium-sized, short-coupled, dog possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation that enables it to function as a retrieving gun dog; the substance and soundness to hunt waterfowl or upland game for long hours under difficult conditions; the character and quality to win in the show ring; and the temperament to be a family companion...>>More>>


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